Barstool Banter

It’s 2022. Can we please see downfield on NFL Broadcasts?

Pat Mahomes ran for his life in the 4th quarter last weekend versus the Bengals. Why?

A few years ago, the NFL figured out putting a camera hovering above the field, getting shots from behind the line of scrimmage. You only get to see it a handful of times during replay with either Tony Romo or Troy Aikman explaining sort of what in the hell is going on, but I demand it at all times! Wouldn’t it have been great if we could see what the Bengals we’re doing so we didn’t have to watch Trey Hendrickson exhaust himself chasing Mahomes around during the enitre 4th quarter? Hell yes!

“Believe this view has EVERYTHING! Lineman footwork, alley pressing from linebackers, route progressions…..ED HOCHULI!”

To the best of my ability and succintly as possible in a string of maybe 1:00-2:00 videos, I’ll go through a few of the plays to see if we can decipher what the Bengals we’re doing. Mahomes seemed a little out of sorts, as the Bengals we’re only bringing a standard four man rush, and maybe things we’re too congested downfield. We dunno. This isn’t an endictment on Mahomes, who is a cyborg in his own right. We’re just looking to see what happened. Thanks.

Hendrickson Sack

Hendrickson Chase Down

Scrunch Formation Goal Line

3 Man Rush and back end Plaster

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