Football Concepts

HOW did that guy get so open?! Well, very carefully ;)

We like to praise “big time stars” for makin’ “big time plays”, but half the time the right call caught the wrong coverage. This is in no disregard to defensive play callers, but they are going off of tendencies, down and distance, and anything aggressive they think will work. Offense in this day and age with RPO’s that have matriculated up from college have put defensives on certain Sunday’s at a distinct disadvantage. There are over a dozen main coverages with offshoots and minor variations, which can be packaged behind many more stunts, pressures, and blitzes. But, at the end of the day, every pass concept versus every coverage is like a puzzle piece, sort of like basketball, pass routes and coverages are a moving interweaving entity to its own. Some hit big, or they flame out. Here we’re some big hitters from Sunday.

Disclaimer: This game was just used for evidence and an objective explanation. I saw two playoff teams playing (well, definitely one of them) and said hey, why not. Learn a bit so when you watch a game, you can figure out why a big play, or lack thereof happened, I’m just here to help. As for the recently encountered Midwestern troll patrol, if it’s too much to digest, put on your jersey that you aren’t allowed to wear in public after you turn 12, and yell at your TV. (Haha! Just kidding…..) Hell, I’m learning too, and I’m well down the rabbit hole. Thanks all for following.

We all use Cover 3, from youngsters, to the Early 10’s Seahawks.

Like Cover 4, Cover 3 basically turns into man as receivers press vertical. #10 is going to do what he wants with that.
With so many guys in the box due to a heavy formation with multiple tight ends, the Chiefs employ Cover 3. This is a unique design with the Bucs tagging Gronk to go over the top of the zone.

Man coverage works if ya got the dudes to do it, and hope that pass rush gets home.

The toughest part for a free safety is deciding on whom to break on when everyone presses deep. It’s a tough chore.

Wait, so teams disguise coverage pre snap! No way!?